Tuesday, July 19th, 2016...8:54 pm

Taxonomy of #LogCabinRepublicans (#GOPConvention2016)

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Since this is the season of the quadrennial emergence of Log Cabin Republi-cons, a field guide to queer conservatives might be helpful:

>Queer Supply-siders, who tenaciously hold on to a long-discredited religious doctrine (in fact, the more evidence that is adduced, the more vigorously they hold onto the doctrine). See also “Marxist Democrats.”

>Queer Affluents, whose economic resources insulate them from the material and social realities of most queer people.

>Queer Libertarians, who delusionally and tenaciously hold onto the belief that the Republicon Party is libertarian with a live-and-let-live attitude about gender and sexuality.

>Queer Partner Abuse Survivors, who are in love with the Republicon Party, routinely abused by the Republicon Party, and keep hoping that the Republicon Party will love them in return and stop abusing them; the smallest gestures by their abuser invigorates their false hopes.

>Queer Gods and Guns Partisans, who forget that the Third Person of the Unholy Republicon Political Trinity is “Gays”; this species consists typically marginalized White people who have been bamboozled by the Republicon Party’s politics of resentment.

>Frat-boy Queers, who just want to belong and try to out-butch their bros (but as a result, are just ‘hos).

>Oh, yeah. And the hybrid chimeras. Pick your faves from the taxonomy above.

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