Monday, June 29th, 2015...4:26 pm

Etymologies: French Cabbies Are Revolting #Uber

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News that French taxicab drivers were protesting the presence of the sharing-and-caring car service Uber by engaging in the French national sport of setting cars on fire, got me thinking about the French origins of the word “taxicab.”

According to the OED, a cabriolet (“applied not only to the original vehicle so named and its improved successor the ‘hansom’, but also to four-wheeled carriages shaped like broughams; thus, a public carriage with two or four wheels, drawn by one horse, and seating two or four persons”) in which one rides for a measured or metered fare or tax is a taximètre cabriolet.

Or “taxicab.”

Or “taxi.”

Or “cab.”

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