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Bezos, Don’t Be a Bozo #JeffBezos #Amazon #Hachette #AuthorsUnited

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To Jeff Bezos, CEO and founder, Amazon

Jeff Bezos: Don’t be a Bozo.

Silicon Valley-style arrogance and bullying have become legendary. And, although I have no case for a major commercial interest Hachette, which can take care of itself, I do support the claims of Authors United:

It is not right for Amazon to single out a group of authors, who are not involved in the dispute, for selective retaliation. Moreover, by inconveniencing and misleading its own customers with unfair pricing and delayed delivery, Amazon is contradicting its own written promise to be “Earth’s most customer-centric company.

Many of us have supported Amazon since it was a struggling start-up. Our books launched Amazon on the road to selling everything and becoming one of the world’s largest corporations. We have made Amazon many millions of dollars and over the years have contributed so much, free of charge, to the company by way of cooperation, joint promotions, reviews and blogs. This is no way to treat a business partner. Nor is it the right way to treat your friends. Without taking sides on the contractual dispute between Hachette and Amazon, we encourage Amazon in the strongest possible terms to stop harming the livelihood of the authors on whom it has built its business. None of us, neither readers nor authors, benefit when books are taken hostage. (We’re not alone in our plea: the opinion pages of both the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, which rarely agree on anything, have roundly condemned Amazon’s corporate behavior.)

I realize that you believe that we live in a New Gilded Age when businesses are “people” and their owners are absolute. However, I have discontinued my purchase of Kindle books and physical media (print books, DVDs) from Amazon in favor of ordering from my local independent book store.

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