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And Not a Professor Among Them @NYCConf #NYTsft

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The Gray Lady is hosting Schools for Tomorrow: Disruptions in the Lecture Hall, asking “Is a college degree really worth the investment?” (the answer, as is well documented, is “yes,” but the the New York Times hasn’t gotten the news yet), also proposing to explore “how innovations and challenges . . . impact the very nature of higher education.”

The Times has rounded up the usual suspects among its list of guest speakers:

  • David Brooks, middlebrow pundit.
  • Mitch Daniels and Janet Napolitano, political retreads who have eschewed K Street for the presidential suites in the Ivory Tower.
  • Michelle Ree, education “reform” charlatan.
  • John Sextion, Platinum Card higher ed huckster.

All this event needs is Thomas Friedman to speak and David Gregory to lead them in the Bonfire of the Banalities.

And not a college or university professor or adjunct instructor among them.

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