Entries from August 2014

Monday, August 11th, 2014

Bezos, Don’t Be a Bozo #JeffBezos #Amazon #Hachette #AuthorsUnited

To Jeff Bezos, CEO and founder, Amazon jeff@amazon.com Jeff Bezos: Don’t be a Bozo. Silicon Valley-style arrogance and bullying have become legendary. And, although I have no case for a major commercial interest Hachette, which can take care of itself, I do support the claims of Authors United: It is not right for Amazon to […]

Saturday, August 2nd, 2014

Gigatrend Friedman Moist Over “Sharing Economy” @tomfriendman @airbnb

NY Times columnist Thomas A. Friedman, the gigatrend entrepreneur de jour, recently got his panties moist excited about the “sharing economy.”¬†Services like taxi Uber or shelter Airbnb, Friedman breathlessly prophesies, are “burying the past with the future, and actually bringing strangers together.” The millenarian Friedman declares Airbnb to be the anodyne to the world’s bad […]

Saturday, August 2nd, 2014

And Not a Professor Among Them @NYCConf #NYTsft

The Gray Lady is hosting Schools for Tomorrow: Disruptions in the Lecture Hall, asking “Is a college degree really worth the investment?” (the answer, as is well documented, is “yes,” but the the New York Times hasn’t gotten the news yet),¬†also¬†proposing to explore “how innovations and challenges . . . impact the very nature of […]