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Being Liberal Admins Banned by Facebook?

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According to a posting on Being Liberal’s Tumblr site:

(W) I am posting the summary of the messages that I have received from Facebook after being banned from posting ANY content ANYWHERE on Facebook. The Being Liberal page in last week had received several “warnings” for alleged violations of Copyright and propagating hate speech. There is no reasonable way of appealing from those decisions. We accept the fact that FB is a private space that is not covered by First Amendment and that Facebook can do whatevere they want. I refuse to believe that there is an organized corporate driven Facebook “attack” on liberal pages. However I believe that there is right now an “army” of paid trolls working for the conservative black PR macjine that is reporting our content… and at the enbd Facebook algorithms are responding to that by downgrading our standing and stats. This is the game of numbers ONLY the increase support from Liberal community can offset the negative numbers created by reporting of our page.

See: http://beingliberal.tumblr.com/post/33207327524/banned-by-facebook

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  • Interesting, a friend of mine who is the author of ‘How to Rape a Straight Guy’ received a similar message. Amazon sent him e-mail along with the publisher of his book that it would be banned from Amazon and that any further books sent by this publisher of similar content could mean a permanent ban on any books by this publisher or the author.

    The book sales did well on Amazon, the author has several gay erotic stories out, this being one. The title has nothing to do with rape in the story. There is no rape but a seduction of someone who is straight is curious about gay sex.
    Obviously no one at Amazon read the book that had been selling on Amazon for some time. He wrote letters, his publisher wrote letters to no avail.

    One day I’m looking at the sales of my book, Jawbone, and there at the bottom where people who bought my book also bought… was ‘How to Rape a Straight Guy’, showing the cover and all. I contacted him and we both agreed, it was obvious that Amazon had a baseless complaint and reacted to it without looking to see if the complaint had any merit. He wrote again to Amazon and notified them that his banned book was being used on Amazon to show sales for other books and his book was then restored.

    And we were wondering what other gay writers were having the same problem? Some conservative goon, filing false claims to ban work of gay writers where ever they could.

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