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Next Time You’re Asked to ‘Like’ the Pledge of Allegiance

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A recent Facebook meme presents you with a picture of white elementary school children making the Pledge of Allegiance and invites you to “LIKE if you did this every morning and think that they still should!” So far it has nearly half a million “Likes” and over 30,000 “Shares.”

Pledge of Allegiance

But consider:

The generation (the so-called “Greatest Generation”) that adopted the pledge in 1942 (during World War II) and added “under God” in 1954 (at the beginning of the Cold War) also brought you massive resistance to racial integration, the escalation of the Vietnam War, and decades of toxic industrial environmental damage.

The generation (the so-called Baby Boomers) that was required to say the pledge daily brought you the student free speech movement, anti-Vietnam War protests, the sexual revolution, recreational drugs, the Iraq War, Internet porn, Enron, the Great Recession, and disco.

In other words, empty-headed nationalistic sentimentality is no substitute for the hard work of living up to the documents that begin “When in the course of human events . . . ” and “We the people . . .”

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