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Snooki at Rutgers

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This news item comes under the “kulcha” category.

Reported today, Rutgers University (chartered in 1766 as Queens College, opening in 1771) is bringing to its campus this week Nicole Polizzi, someone who is otherwise known as “Snooki.”

No maven of pop kulcha, I even know that “Snooki” is a celebrity du jourĀ  on one of the myriad of “reality” television shows. In other words she is a vacuous and talentless entity who has produced nothing of lasting value or worth, but is famous for being famous.

Presumably, student activity fees at Rutgers are paying for the privilege. New Jerseyites must be proud. Which says something about New Jersey.

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  • Ms. Polizzi is reportedly being paid $32,000 for her expertise, which is $2,000 more than Nobel Prize-winning writer Toni Morrison is earning to speak at the Rutgers commencement ceremonies.

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