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Barnes & Noble Nook: I Got Took

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The reason that I bought the Barnes & Noble Nook Color e-book reader was that it seemed to provide an ample catalog of the kinds of books that I read (including scholarly books) and more important, that it seemed, in comparison to another reader that I’d used and other readers that I’d reviewed, more facile in allowing highlights and notes and providing accurate page numbers (essential for a scholar).

I got took by the Nook. In at least one significant case, an expensive book that I’d downloaded, highlighted and notated fairly extensively, suddenly stopped working (it would open at the page on which I’d been last reading and then immediately close, refusing to remain open). Email exchanges with Nook “tech support” (Zach, Benoni, James, Paul, usually taking several days to respond my queries) were time wasting and fruitless. They recommended several complicated and time consuming fixes, the final one requiring me to find where the digital file of the book was located on my computer, then tethering the Nook to my computer (using their–of course–proprietary USB lead), and moving the book file from my computer to the Nook.

Didn’t I buy a Nook so I could use WiFi to purchase and download books?

This “fix” seems to have worked except for one big problem: All of my highlights and notes are gone. It’s a new book. So what was the point of my buying the more expensive Nook Color? And will this happen to other Nook books that I purchase?

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  • I have the low end priced Nook. I don’t have a problem with it. I’m glad to read your thoughts on the color Nook. I was thinking of getting one but now I’ll stay with the one I have. The battery life is great and re-charging is an hour at most. I can read in sunlight or lamplight and use the device much like a book, no problem with highlighting and notes. The price made it for me, that and I ran out of space for hardcopy books. I have my own library now in the Nook, available to grab at anytime. I find that I’m reading more, it’s so easy to use and very portable.

    A book of mine is out on Barnes & Noble and Amazon. It was recently made into e-format for both companies. I’m hoping to have another book published soon and they deal mostly with e-readers, and a modest amount in print. Almost the reverse of the first book.

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