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NY Times: FDA Failed to Mandate Chicken Salmonella Vaccine

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Reported today in the New York Times, the US Food and Drug Administration failed to mandate vaccination of chickens against salmonella, a method with dramatic and proven results in England.

The vaccination only costs a few cents per dozen eggs. After institution of the chicken vaccination in England, reports of instances of salmonella from infected eggs droppe 96%.

According to the Times:

The F.D.A. estimates that each year, 142,000 illnesses in the United States are caused by consuming eggs contaminated with the most common type of salmonella. It has said the new rules would cut that by more than half. People who eat bad eggs that have not been cooked thoroughly to kill the bacteria can get diarrhea and cramps. Rare cases can be fatal.

There are no laws mandating vaccination in Britain. But it is required, along with other safety measures, if farmers want to place an industry-sponsored red lion stamp on their eggs, which shows they have met basic standards. The country’s major supermarkets buy only eggs with the lion seal, so vaccination is practiced by 90 percent of egg producers . . .

Makes you wonder what the “F” is in FDA, doesn’t it?

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