Entries from December 2009

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Blogging MLA: Day Four

The last day of MLA’s annual convention. The conference has appeared in local and national news media, as always at this time of year, though this year the headlines have seemed less preoccupied with presenters’ clever or controversial paper titles and more on the deleterious effects of the grim economy and the challenges of digital […]

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Blogging MLA: Day Three

Reunions Many spontaneous reunions occur at MLA, some planned, most serendipitous. I bump into Bob and Sylvia Scholnick (College of William & Mary) on the train. Attending Bob’s session that night, I catch up with John Miller (Longwood University) whose dissertation director was Bob Scholnick. I stop to say “Hi” to Richard Dellamora outside the […]

Monday, December 28th, 2009

Blogging MLA: Day Two

Council of Editors of Learned Journals Meetings At the conclusion of the Council of Editors of Learned Journals (CELJ) awards ceremony today, outgoing (in both senses of that term) CELJ president, Bonnie Wheeler (editor of Arthuriana), addressed several recurring questions of journal editors in recent years, particularly related to ownership and credentialing. What constitutes a […]

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

Blogging MLA: Day One

TheLongView began two years ago this week (thanks to my brother Jim Long‘s birthday gift to me of the domain name and a  Christmas gift later in the year of the Web server and blog design and setup) with my blogging on the Modern Language Association‘s annual meeting in Chicago in 2007. So like salmon […]

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

Turn Off TV, Read an Essay: Brooks’s Sidney Awards

David Brooks invites us to turn off the TV (or turn off the iPhone, the Wii, the iPod, YouTube, &c.) in order to read a long-form published essay, in his annual Sidney Awards. Among the topics healthcare leads the list, but also American (in)justice, local DC politics (in the person of Marion Barry) and Afghanistan.

Monday, December 21st, 2009

In Media Res: Browsing, Grazing, and Googleizing Scholarly Knowledge

(A paper to be presented at a panel of the Council of Editors of Learned Journals, Modern Language Association Annual Convention, 30 December 2009) As a professor of English appointed to a school of nursing and its Center for Nursing Scholarship, I wear several hats. A writing coach and editor, I support faculty members’ writing […]

Monday, December 21st, 2009

Republican Leadership: Dementia Onset

One of the early signs of dementia is the loss of short-term memory, forgetting what you recentlydid or said. So it is with great concern that I note the Republican leadership’s recent criticism of the Democratic majority in the Senate. Republican minority leadership has condemned Democrats’ procedural management of the Senate healthcare reform bill, including […]

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

The Lieber Man

In an NY Times op-ed jeremiad about East Coast ignorance of the West Coast, Timothy Egan’s “Clueless in Costco” observes: These are all minor annoyances, mind you, in a world with daily reminders that an embittered, small-hearted senator from Connecticut can hold up health care for millions, or some people would rather read a “book” by Hulk […]

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

New Old Media (or Is It the Other Way Around?)

The Times announces that Comcast has purchased NBC Universal from General Electronic (“We Bring Good Things to Life” . . . including parts for nuclear bombs), thus  “Reshaping the TV Industry.”  Whatever that means. Before G.E. could sell its controlling stake in the media company, it had to buy out the stake of Vivendi, the French […]