Monday, September 21st, 2009...5:15 pm

A Missile Defense That Didn’t Work, A Threat That Didn’t Exist

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The Obama Administration has announced the end of another  W. Bush-era boondoggle: A missile system that didn’t work, for a military threat that did not exist.

 The anti-missile-missile system to be deployed in Poland the Czech Republic didn’t work. (Think we could move the savings into healthcare?) The alleged threat was Iranian ICBMs . . . which don’t exist.

Before Right Wingnuts get their Spandex thongs in too much of a bunch, note that it was Pentagon generals that stepped up to put an end to this madness. According to the Washington Post:

Call it another revolt of the generals. More than 13 years ago, the nation’s military leaders told civilian defense officials they wanted to limit spending on missile defenses and to emphasize the protection of forces deployed overseas over defense of the American homeland against a long-range missile threat.

Last week, after a lengthy internal Pentagon review and against the backdrop of new limits on overall military spending, the generals again threw their weight behind a relative contraction of the effort to defend against long-range missile attacks. They cited needed budgetary savings and more immediate threats in demanding faster work to protect overseas forces and bases against shorter-range attack.

Maybe we could install a similar system in Wasilla, Alaska?


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