Saturday, September 19th, 2009...9:26 am

Recession Over: Bernanke Says It, Times Style Confirms It, I Believe It

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Pay no attention to the dismal (and rising) unemployment rate.

 Fed chair Ben Bernanke has announced that it is likely that the Great Recession has ended.

And now last Sunday’s New York Times Style Magazine (Men’s Fashion Fall 2009) has confirmed it.

Among the luxuries available to us:

Gotho-Edwardo-Victorian frock coats and top hats.

Sheer fabric shirting.

De luxe dog tags.

A duffle bag that can be customized with seven different stripe combinations (for a mere $1,495).

Tanning eye goggles for $450. (Does a free skin cancer screening come with that?)

There was this heartening news: The return of glen plaids!

Find a classic style, remain faithful to it, and the world will regularly return to you.


  • I welcome the return of frock coats and top hats, but I do hope that our second Gilded Age has passed with the new New Deal brewing in Washington. Unfortunately, that hope is resting on a handful of conservative Democrat “empty suits” and the two ladies from Maine. Yikes!

  • Yikes indeed; there are so many empty suits in DC that it has come to look more like a Cy & Marcy Syms outlet store than the deliberative body of a republic.

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