Tuesday, January 1st, 2008...10:34 am

Resolutions for 2008

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Americans as diverse as Jonathan Edwards (famous to lit students for his 18th-century sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”) and Benjamin Franklin (famous for just about everything except sermons) wrote and kept track of resolutions, seeking to conform their deeds to their ideals, so why should I be different?

  • Less email, more F2F or V2V.
  • Cultivate my garden.
  • Cultivate a Greek virtue (andreia), a Roman virtue (clementia), a Jewish virtue (benevolence), an Islamic virtue (zakat), a Hindu virtue (ahimsa), a Buddhist virtue (samyak-smrti), a Christian virtue (patientia).
  • Finish writing my novel, High Mass, Low Life.
  • Simplify,  simplify!


  • I love #3! That could be a learning outcome or outcomes for my students in History 100, but then again how would you possibly assess it or them?

  • See my earlier blog entry, Charles, where I assert, Not everything that can be measured is important, and not everything important can be measured.

    Of course, you can always ask them to complete a self-evaluation at the end of term.

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